I’m a marketing consultant and I’m serious about helping businessowners get really good at marketing.

I’m a terrible plant owner and have never properly learned how to fold a fitted sheet. These facts aren’t useful but in the name of being authentic, I wanted to let you know before you read on…  


→  Marketing doesn’t need to be hard work. In fact, it can and should be fun! 

→  The joy of business is in helping real people see real results. I’m not about vanitymetrics or get rich quick schemes. It’s about helping real people. 

→  That spending thousands of dollars on marketing just isn’t viable for many small business owners. That’s why I’ve made my courses and products a price you can afford right now.

→  There is no point learning something if you don’t implement it. Done is better than perfect.

→  That successful businesses are real, authentic,  generous and add value to their customers. 

My husband and I live in Newcastle, a beachside city a couple of hours north of Sydney. Nath works on the business with me as the systems, strategy, king of the pep talk and business manager guy. He’s the cleverest. 

i believe:


fun facts

We are serious about coffee, good wine, sashimi and any movie that Denzel Washington is in. When we aren't at the office, you can likely find us at one of our favourite cafes in Newcastle. 

We are both musicians. Nath plays drums and I was in a family band with my 3 sisters and two of my brothers. We toured all over USA in a van and it was wild. If you’re curious, you can listen here



Before I started my business I worked for a coffee roaster in sales and I was a terrible sales person. Like really not very good. So I ended up taking over their marketing and all these years later, here I am! 

Kacey Musgraves

On repeat

Batch brew

Coffee order



Consulting with clients, putting together strategies and helping everyone get really good at marketing. (Plus also managing to market her own business while she's at it)

Laura works with small business owners who want to cut through the noise. She is here to give you practical, proven strategies to take you from confused to confident. Oh, and she believes marketing should be fun! When she's not at work, you’ll find her watching Gilmore Girls reruns, sipping a champagne, chasing the sun at the beach and hanging out with her (super cute) nieces and nephews.

Founder and marketing Consultant

you can find her...

the founder

Laura Higgins

Frightened Rabbit

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Working her design magic, making everything look pretty and leaving the rest of us to wonder how she did it.

Kim is our resident details person, grammar control freak, and can always be relied upon for a well-timed, obscure movie quote. With years of experience working as a graphic designer, Kim waltzed into the team and we quickly realised we could NEVER live without her.

Graphic Designer and Web Designer

the designer

Kim Douglas

you can find her...

Leon Bridges

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Long black

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Managing the systems behind email marketing, ad campaigns, and everything else that the rest of the team cannot understand. 

Nath works at coordinating the strategies and operations that make our digital marketing happen. He is the wise guy. The king of the pep talk. Without him we would be very, very lost and confused.

Husband, Coordinator-of-Many-Things

Nath Higgins

you can find hIM...

the husband

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