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You’re invited to become an Affiliate for My Marketing Playbook™ with Laura Higgins

We are teaming up with some great entrepreneurs and business owners (like yourself) to get the word out about My Marketing Playbook.

My Marketing Playbook is an online marketing course designed specifically for small business owners. Put simply, we are here to help people get really good at marketing. We cover everything a small business needs to know when it comes to online marketing. Our point of difference? This isn’t a theoretical course delivered from an ivory tower. Our strategies are tried and tested and get results for small business owners. Each student leaves with an actionable marketing plan for their business, because after all, execution is THE most important part.


Affiliate marketing is an easy way to generate passive income without creating the products to sell!



Huge opportunity to make passive income. Your commission is 25% of the retail price for each MMP course sale that is made via your affiliate link.


Content to Share.

We will supply you with collateral to share on your social channels to make sharing the course a whole lot easier!


One on One Call.

30 minute call with team Lala to help you make the most of your affiliate marketing (optional)



Exclusive Facebook Group for MMP Affiliates. Free Access to the MMP course so you know what you’re sharing!


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Available Now: $299 USD