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Fast action

Canva Template Suite

(valued at $127)

a FREE bonus for early action-takers!

⭐️   30 + Instagram Stories designs
⭐️   30 + creative designs for Instagram Feed
⭐️   25 unique Pinterest designs
⭐️   Professional LinkedIn Banners
⭐️   Engaging Facebook Group/Cover templates
⭐️   High-conversion Proposal template 
⭐️   Drag & drop Workbook template 
⭐️   Photoshoot moodboard, shot list and brief

It includes:

words to live by

If you can market your business, you can grow your business.

Marketing leads to *all the things* that’ll make your business a bonafide, 5-star success:

🤩 More traffic and eyeballs on your offers
🤩 Increased visibility and credibility

🤩 Authority in your niche and industry  
🤩 A bigger and better bottom line  

Simple enough... right? 

the trouble is...

When you show up without a real marketing plan, things can get a little (read: a lot) overwhelming.

We’ve all been there—you buy the perfect website domain name, create a business social account, post, post, post, and…

Nothing happens!

Fast forward a few days (month, years!) and you’re still dealing with:

And before you know it, your confidence in your marketing and your business is… well, it’s not great.

🙅‍♀️ Low social media engagement (like, really low)

🙅‍♀️ Launches and promo periods that turn into spaghetti-throwing, posting parties that end in little to no sales

🙅‍♀️ Hours lost to making graphics and flowcharts in Canva 

🙅‍♀️ A website that doesn’t really communicate what you do and how you help your client

🙅‍♀️ An email service provider that’s never actually been set up

The only thing standing between you and a business in high-growth mode is a simple, complete marketing plan tailored to YOUR business.

sound familiar? Then hold onto your keep cup
because I’ve got something to tell you👇🏻

Promise. Because once you have an easy-to-implement
marketing plan, you’ll also have:

✔️   Unshakeable confidence in your service packages and offers

✔️  A full month’s worth of content batched and scheduled to go live

✔️  Skyrocketing engagement & a booming fan base

✔️  A bottom line that grows month over month

✔️  A waitlist of ideal clients throwing their coins atcha

Wondering where you’re going to find yourself a marketing plan like THAT?

Ahem. It's time we've met.

👋  Hey,

I'm Laura.

Less-than-great plant caretaker, beach-side cafe goer, online marketing consultant, and Lala to my nieces and nephews who are too tiny to nail the 'r' sound. 

Here’s my mic-drop moment: Running your business is hard work, but marketing your business doesn’t have to be. 

Since 2017, I’ve been helping my 1:1 clients build, scale, and grow their businesses the simple way—with the power of online marketing.

Last year I took a look around my little corner of the online world and saw a big old marketing-shaped hole. Sure, there were plenty of online programs to help business owners master some areas of marketing. 

But there are virtually NO programs teaching service providers how to create and implement a complete marketing plan. 

So I decided to package up everything I know about creating a complete marketing plan and turn the whole enchilada over to YOU so you can confidently market your online business and grow like mad. 

Because, truly, once you can market your business, you can grow your business. 

This is it, my friend. No fuss. Not overwhelm. No stress naps. 

And no more winging your marketing—only your eyeliner.

Slow your scroll, lower your sunnies, & say hello to...

Everything you need to create and implement a marketing plan for your service based business in 6 weeks

My Marketing Playbook is an easy-to-implement marketing framework designed to help you build a simple, repeatable marketing plan to confidently market your business.

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step framework, plug-and-play templates for everything from crafting your brand messaging and website copy to mastering your social media, email marketing, and Facebook ads strategy, and live support to help you implement every step of the way.

Templates, Checklists, and Content Strategies

Weekly Implementation Workshops

Actionable, Bite-Sized Lessons

What students are saying about

Sheena Houston - High Brow Studio

I've owned a small business for over 3 years, this playbook really helps to simplify all things marketing. It's packed full of useful, easy to implement information that takes out the guess work. As someone who feels they don't have the time and desire for marketing amongst my business owner hats; this course has helped me strip down my business values, refocus on a clear message and put strategies in place to make it easy. 

Gabriella Watt - Watt the Health

Each module is so valuable and I especially love the workbook component that allows you to immediately apply the content to your own business. The layout is so easy, and allows you to go as fast or as slow as you like through the modules.

module one

Craft Your Key Messaging 

When you lead with the right messaging, your clients understand what you do and how you can help them. In Module 1, you’ll craft and refine your brand messaging so it’s compelling and easy to understand. 

take a peek inside

The Lala Complete Marketing Framework

AKA your 6-week path to a complete marketing plan

module two

Create a Memorable Brand

When you’re working with the ever-decreasing attention spans of your customers, you need to have a consistent, visually compelling brand. In this module, you’ll learn the key elements of branding that you need to get right in order to see results. 

module three

Optimise Your Website for Sales

Before you even think about social media marketing and advertising, you need to nail your website. 

In this module, you’ll use our website design framework to transform your website into a client attracting machine!

module four

Get Visible & Grow with Social Media 

Inside this module, you’ll build a strategic and high-converting content plan. You’ll find step by step guides on how to use Instagram Reels, how to leverage organic content on social media and more. 

Expect checklists, Canva templates and content planning tools that will save you buckets of time.

(I can hear you cheering through the screen. This is by far a crowd-favourite module) 

module five

Build & Nurture Your Email List

Building and nurturing your email list is the key to fostering long-term client relationships. 

In this module, you’ll learn how to nail the tech side of your email marketing, grow your subscriber list, and send high value emails that actually get opened. 

Hello, skyrocketing ROI and client engagement. 

module six

Expand Your Reach with Facebook Ads

Welcome to the big leagues. This is where you’ll learn how to set up your Facebook Ads Manager, Pixel, and campaigns from start to finish. 

You’ll learn everything from budgeting ad spend, to ad creative, to the best types of campaigns for your business. 

module seven

Set Up Your Implementation Plan

Wait! Pause break. 

A celebration is in order: You’ve mastered the foundations of your complete marketing plan! 

Now is the time to create a weekly, monthly, and annual plan to stay on track and keep working towards your goals. 

In this module you’ll learn how to batch your content creation, streamline and automate your marketing tasks, and outsource your marketing as you grow your business.

this probably goes without saying, but...

We believe in bonuses around here

When you join My Marketing Playbook you’ll also get access to these stress-busting, time-saving, bank-boosting goodies.

bonus #1

Leveraged Instagram Carousels Masterclass & Canva Template Pack

valued at $97

You’ll learn my simple & cost effective Instagram strategy that the algorithm LOVES. Get ready for your engagement to skyrocket with more saves, comments and attention from your ideal customers. 

You’ll also get our exclusive, never-before-released Carousel Canva Template Pack to help you create the perfect carousels. 

bonus #2

My Email Automation Sequence Templates 

valued at $297

No more looking at blank Google Docs wondering what to send your email list. Know exactly what to say and when. Swipe our email sequence templates, pop your copy in and hit publish. Easy peasy.

bonus #3

High Conversion Content Planning Template & Trello Board 

valued at $47

Make content planning, creating & batching a dream with my custom plug and play template and Trello Board. No more excuses for not posting on social media! Huzzah!

bonus #4

Lifetime Access to the Insiders Facebook Group

(...friends are priceless)

You’ll have lifetime access to our private Facebook community where you’ll be supported by Laura and a host of friends as your marketing plan grows and your business does too!

Start confidently marketing your business


When you join, you’ll get instant access to the course modules, templates for every part of your marketing plan, and our community Facebook group.

the most flexible


6 monthly payments of

let me in!

the most popular


3 monthly payments of

i'm ready!

the best value


One payment of

yes yes yes!

leads to results


how we stack up

To put it frankly, My Marketing Playbook is a marketing mecca for service based businesses.

other programs

Little or No Support which leaves you feeling more like a number and less like, you know, a real-life person 

Vague Frameworks that tell you WHAT to do but not HOW to do it. Whomp, whomp.

Narrow Topics that might focus on Instagram or email marketing, but fall shy of the big-picture strategy 

Overwhelming Lessons with no clear steps on how to implement the material

Complicated fine print that makes it really hard (like, really hard) to get your money back if you're not happy with the program

my marketing playbook

Full Program Support and weekly Implementation Workshops with Laura so you can ask questions in real-time

Bite-Sized Action Steps to break down big tasks into doable, mini pieces 

Lala’s Complete Marketing Framework which gives you both a simple overview and a deep-dive into all areas of your marketing
No-Fluff Lessons that are designed to help you focus, gain traction, and—most importantly—apply what you learn to your business

Proven Method that I’ve used with hundreds of my 1:1 clients to help them skyrocket their marketing and grow their service based businesses  

100% Money-Back Guarantee (more on this just below!)


The My Marketing Playbook 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I invite you to take My Marketing Playbook for a spin, and if after 2 Implementation Workshops and 14 days in the program you don’t feel that this program is every bit as glorious as I’ve promised, simply submit your completed coursework and I’ll refund every penny of your purchase.  

stars go!

Look at these

Melanie Renfrew - The Design Project and Co

My Marketing Playbook has been the best investment we have made!

Shorina Page

There was loads of content in the workbook and videos, along with plenty of examples, exercises and support in the Facebook group. I loved the entire experience and can't wait to transform my marketing for my businesses!

"Laura has an incredible ability to break down the overwhelming task of marketing and lay it out in a simple and practical way."

Gabriella watt, watt the health

"My Marketing Playbook has been the best investment we have ever made!"

Melanie renfrew, the design project and co

picture it:

In just 6 weeks, we’ll be popping the bubbly and celebrating your complete marketing plan & growing business

Committing to building a complete marketing plan can feel like leaving the Shire to defeat the fiery eye at Mount Doom—a bit exciting, sort of unnerving, and *very* scary. 

So let me try and paint you a clear picture of what's ahead if you do decide to join My Marketing Playbook. (Unbreakable elf armor not required).

By the end of this program you’ll have:

→   Become crystal clear on your business message, your ideal audience and your business niche

→   Designed a website that converts browsers into clients (without outsourcing to a developer!) 

→   Created a consistent, beautiful brand that gets attention from your dream clients on all channels

→   Leveraged your social media and email marketing channels so they become sales generating machines

→   Confidently set up your email marketing platform (even if you are allergic to technology) 

→   Crafted powerful Facebook Ads campaigns that build your audience and lead to more paying clients

→   Created an authentic community of people who LOVE what you do and need YOUR help

→   Built your email list from 0 with the step by step process that I’ve personally used

→   Implemented my award winning social media and content strategy so you get more followers and fans

yep, i'm so into this!


“But Laura, is My Marketing Playbook really for me?”

This program is PERFECT for you if...

✅  You’re a new service provider who wants to get your marketing plan right from the start

✅  You’ve been in business for 3-5 years (or longer) but haven’t been able to effectively market your business 

✅  You want to DIY your marketing but don’t know where to start (or how to put together a complete marketing plan)

✅  You’re looking for practical, simple lessons to learn how to market your business 

✅  You’ve been on the hunt for a program that takes a no-fluff approach—no theory-based monologues here, just implementable information designed to help you market your business and realise your goals

This program may NOT be a good fit if...

❌ You’re hoping for a silver bullet, marketing-fix-all or crash course  

❌ You’re looking for a hands-off approach to marketing your business

❌ You’d prefer to outsource your marketing across all platforms

❌ You have a business that primarily sells physical products

*Whips out pencil & very large post-it note*

To help you decide if My Marketing Playbook is truly your one-way ticket to a complete, tailored-to-your-business marketing plan I’ve made you a nifty chart. 

(Couldn’t resist. I love tools that simplify the hard stuff.)

Join me inside My Marketing Playbook and start building your complete marketing plan!

the most flexible


6 monthly payments of

let me in!

the most popular


3 monthly payments of

i'm ready!

the best value


One payment of

yes yes yes!


Questions? Ask away!

Will My Marketing Playbook really work for me?

The short answer: YES! 

The long answer: Double yes! If you’re a service based business, this program has everything you need to build a complete marketing plan and confidently market your business. 

No matter if you’re a course creator, a fitness coach, a personal finance advisor, a holistic health expert… if you serve people in your online business, My Marketing Playbook was built to get you results. 


What if I’m just starting out and don’t have a social media following or a big email list?

Never fear, my friend. If you’re just starting out, this program is perfect for you. 

It’s designed to give you the step-by-step lessons, plug-and-play templates, and easy-to-follow guidance that’ll take you from beginner to marketing expert in 6 weeks flat. 


I’m already feeling pretty overwhelmed… How do I know this isn’t just another thing to do?

The truth is… I’m someone who naps a lot when I’m stressed. (You too?) And in this busy world, who has time for that? 

So I built this program to be comprehensive without the overwhelm. Everything is bite-sized, beginner-friendly, and designed to get you results. 


How much time will I need to commit to complete the program to get results?

Most students complete each My Marketing Playbook module in 2 hours per week. 

But don’t forget that you have lifetime access to the course content and Facebook group, so you can go at your own pace. 


What if I have questions as I learn?

The truth is… I’m someone who naps a lot when I’m stressed. (You too?) And in this busy world, who has time for that? 

So I built this program to be comprehensive without the overwhelm. Everything is bite-sized, beginner-friendly, and designed to get you results. 


How is this course different from other marketing courses?

My Marketing Playbook is your one-stop shop for marketing your business. It’s designed to help you create, build, and implement a complete marketing plan (as opposed to focusing on only one marketing channel) so you can stop duct-taping your marketing strategy together and finally see results. 

Though it’s fair to say I’m a pinch biased. So I’ve invited some of my students to tell you their side of the story. 


I'll let these stars take the mic

With My Marketing Playbook in your back pocket, you’ll have forever access to everything you need to confidently market your business.

Here’s a recap of what’s waiting for you just beyond this screen

the most flexible


6 monthly payments of

let me in!

the most popular


3 monthly payments of

i'm ready!

the best value


One payment of

yes yes yes!

⭐️ Over 45 videos and 20+ plug-and-play templates for your complete marketing plan

⭐️ The Lala Complete Marketing Framework

⭐️ 6 Weekly Live Implementation Workshops (recordings available!)

⭐️ Bonus 1: Leveraged Instagram Carousels Masterclass & Canva templates

⭐️ Bonus 2: My email automation sequence templates

⭐️ Bonus 3: High Conversion Content Planning template & Trello Board

⭐️ Bonus 4: Lifetime access to the Insiders Facebook Community