A few Q’s we get asked regularly.

How much time should I set aside to complete My Marketing Playbook?

My Marketing Playbook can be completed at your own pace. We do recommend that you aim to complete one module per week. You should allow 1 hour to watch each module and then 2-3 hours to implement the tasks. 

Tailored for small business owners, we know that you’re short on time so each module is available for you to rewatch at any time. You have lifetime access to the course.

What kind of resources will be given to students?

The course has over 20 videos and 4 key modules. We have also put together a huge workbook with over 100 pages. As students, you’ll also get access to a private Facebook Group with My Marketing Playbook Insiders only. Within this group, Laura will be hosting an exclusive monthly live Q&A session.

I’ve seen marketing courses that sell for $1000+, does this mean My Marketing Playbook is a “lite” version of those courses? 

Nope not at all. I’ve seen those courses too and it makes no sense to me. When you’re in small business, you need invest your time and money wisely. This course is foundational. It exists to help launch your business into online marketing so that you can feel confident, clear and ready to implement. 

Spending thousands on a marketing course just isn’t viable for many small business owners. Especially in the current state of the world. That’s why I’ve made this course CRAZY AFFORDABLE. But that certainly doesn’t mean you’re missing out. 

Here’s what WILL happen when you sign up to MMP:

✓ You will get access to a clear action plan that is easy to implement and quick to get results.

✓ You will learn how to increase your revenue through online marketing.

✓ You will gain clarity, grow in confidence and feel inspired

✓ You will learn the online marketing principles in an easy to navigate platform

✓ You will learn my tried and tested marketing strategies for small business

✓ You will save time and money on marketing

✓ You will get access to support from my team when you need it

Here’s what WON’T happen when you sign up to MMP: 

You WON’T feel overwhelmed with information. 

You WON’T feel confused about the next step you need to take. 

You WON’T get halfway through and give up. 

You WON’T need a degree in marketing to understand what the heck I’m talking about.

You WON’T procrastinate taking action because you’ll feel SO clear on what to do next

There’s a lotta content in this course, will I leave feeling overwhelmed, confused and ready to give up all together? 

Um, heck no! One thing I HATE about online courses is when you finish and feel more stressed and confused than when you started. That’s NOT my style at all.

I’ve tried and tested all these approaches on my own business and for my clients over the years of running Lala Social Club. You’ll get access to my powerful, simple, actionable marketing strategy for a fraction of what you’d pay doing a 1:1 session with me. 

I know what it’s like when you’re in small business. I understand that your time and money are super important. That’s why I’ve designed this course with YOU in mind. 

This course is easy to understand, simple to implement AND packed full of ideas to help you take your marketing to the next level, today! 

I’ve tried online marketing courses before and didn’t see the result I wanted. How is My Marketing Playbook any different?

The market is flooded with online courses. Many courses can be delivered from an “ivory tower” where the person running the course may be more interested in getting you to buy than actually helping you to get you the result you’re seeking. For us, we have been working hand in hand with small business owners for years at Lala Social Club. We have hosted countless sold out workshops sharing our knowledge. We have received feedback, learned a lot about how to communicate effectively and we also specialise in small business. Our goal is that you wouldn’t finish our course feeling overwhelmed but that you would feel empowered, confident and ready to implement. Our approach means you have a step by step framework to follow.

We pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse on what’s happening in online marketing today. There is no textbook or university degree that can stay up to date with current online marketing trends. That’s why we continue to work as consultants so that our approach stays relevant.

When does the special introductory price finish? 

Great question! 

You can totally sign up to My Marketing Playbook at a later date. But the special introductory price of $279 ends on 31st May.  

On the 1st June, the price goes up to $447 (which, by the way is still a TOTAL steal)