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Before I had a holistic marketing plan, I was scrambling to communicate my value, in constant feast or famine mode when it came to client work, and spending waaay too much time posting on Instagram without a plan. 

(Cute pics, yes. Strategy, no.)

Not too long after starting my business, I found myself where so many of my clients find themselves too: burnt out on the content creation hamster wheel, struggling with major imposter syndrome, and feeling like my business would never truly take off.

The problem was pretty clear: None of my marketing efforts were strategic. My website, social channels, and email list weren’t working together. (Okay, to be honest, I didn’t even have an email list.)

But all of that changed when I got clear on my messaging, created a purposeful content strategy, and built a sustainable marketing plan that served as my roadmap to connect with the right clients.

Since then, I’ve 10x’d my email list (in just over 2 years), have consistent leads inquiring about my offers, and I’ve been able to work with my dream clients over and over again.

Let's do this!
          Lala x

What’s more? I know how to attract paying clients so I can say yes to the right fits and no to the wrong ones. 

And in creative service provider land, that is priceless. 

So I packaged up everything I know about creating a sustainable marketing plan and I’m turning the whole enchilada over to YOU so you can consistently attract your dream clients and grow your business.  

Enter: My Marketing Playbook and the Lala Complete Marketing Framework.

This is it, my friend. 

No more imposter syndrome. No more unclear messaging. No more stress naps. 

And no more winging your marketing—only your eyeliner.

👋🏻  Hey,

I'm Laura.

Less-than-great plant caretaker, new mum to Vinny (my pup!), and Lala to my nieces and nephews who are too tiny to nail the r sound. 

I’m also a marketing consultant on a mission to teach creative service providers how to market their businesses in a way that’s simple and sustainable. 

Because I truly believe (and know from first-hand experience) that if you can market your business, you can grow your business. 

*🎤 Mic-drop*

module 1

Craft Your Key Messaging 

Take your message from confused, unclear and waffley to clear, concise and impactful (so your clients understand what you do and how you help them)


Craft and refine your brand message into a simple and compelling one liner

Confidently communicate your value both online and face to face

Articulate your “unique why” so your clients understand and take action

module 2

Create a Memorable Brand

Create a visually consistent brand so that your clients recognise and remember you across all online platforms 


Discover the simple Canva hacks that will save you hours every single week

Nail your brand colours, fonts, tone and personality

Avoid common design mistakes that stop you from attracting your dream clients

module 3

Optimise Your Website for Sales

Turn your website into a client attracting machine with our signature website design framework for service providers 


Nail your copywriting so that your ideal client is begging to work with you

Optimise your design to increase conversions with our simple website tweaks

Learn when, where and how you should be calling your clients to take action

module 4

Get Visible & Grow with Social Media

Instead of just posting on social media and hoping for the best, you will finish this module with a ready-to-post content plan and our award winning social media growth strategy. 


Save buckets of time with our Plug and Play Canva templates and High Conversion content plan

Leverage your Instagram and content to turn your followers into clients

Implement our tried and tested strategies for Instagram Reels, Carousels, Hashtags and more

Build social media systems that work for you and your schedule so you can focus on other areas of your business (and life!) 

module 5

Build & Nurture Your Email List

Say goodbye to adhoc email marketing campaigns and confusing tech and say hello to automated emails and skyrocketing ROI with our simple step by step email marketing strategy


Setup and nail the tech side of your email marketing platform

Grow your subscriber list quick smart (even if you’re starting at 0)

Send high value emails that actually get opened

Turn your social media followers into subscribers

module 6

Expand Your Reach with Facebook Ads

Take your adhoc boosting and become a Facebook Ads pro so that you can promote your services on social media with confidence, spend money in the right place and attract a flood of dream clients.


Reach new markets and attract new clients on auto-pilot

Discover the best types of campaigns for your business

Set your campaign budget and get more bang for your buck

Create high converting ad campaigns from start to finish (it’s easier than you think!) 

Setup your Facebook Ads Manager and Pixel

When you join the waitlist, you'll be the first to know when we open the doors!

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