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Think of your business as a plant, random right? But for it to go grow you need to water it, fertilise it and put it in sunlight for it to really grow (unless, of course, your plants live at my house, where they really just die).

When all these factors are in play, there is incredible growth. Well, your business is the same. Apply the the right tools to your craft and it will cause growth.

These apps will save you hours of time and freeing you up to work on your business, not in it! I highly encourage you to have a look at these apps!

There’s tools for: Email automation, course creation, social media management, project management & photo editing presets that I use myself.

So we want to give you access to the social media tools that have helped me grow my business over the years. 

Go Forth,

Note: I receive a small commission from these companies. However, these commissions do not come out of your pocket. All products listed are 100% endorsed by Lala Social Club.

We use LeadPages for all our landing page and pop up design. It is a simple program that is super easy to use and you can just about create any button or pop up you’ll ever need for you landing pages. Your customers will have no other option than to sign up when they see them!

P.S. the website creation is super handy too!



landing page design


Active Campaign

email campaign platform

Our go-to email campaign platform and automation service. We use this every single time we want to launch an email to all our list. Our automations are set up through this and the list building qualities are incredible.

It’s a Lala favourite.




Canva is the all in one design tool for non-designers.

The free version gives you access to most of the features but I recommend getting Canva Pro so you can utilise the Brand Kit function. This means you can upload your logos, unique colour palette and fonts to maintain consistency across all of your designs.



online course hosting

Our flagship marketing course is hosted by Thinkific and we will never look elsewhere. Easy to customise webpages and video content!

I highly recommend you host your online course on Thinkific.



website & domain platform

Our go-to website & domain platform. If you’re building a site with us or trying to build one yourself. We don’t look anywhere else.

It’s a Lala fave.



project management

We use ClickUp for all our project management. It is quite possibly the best tool I have ever used! I encourage you to try it out to stay on top of projects.

It’s amazing for web designers too!


Foundd legal

business and legal templates

Foundd are fantastic for all things relating to business and consumer law. They have amazing templates that can suit all your business needs from refund policies to contractor agreements. They’re your go-to for sorting out all the legal stuff for your small biz.



social integration

A great alternative to all the big time social media posting platforms, super easy to use and integrate with your socials.